How Rick Cofer fights for the welfare of the Austin community

The use of single-use plastic bag is a menace in many parts of the world because of their negative impact on the environment. Various countries have banned the use of these bags, and others continue imposing stringent laws against them. However, as much as many countries support the ban, the residents of Austin got the shock of the year 2018 after the Texas Supreme Court overturned the decision of banning the use of plastic bags. Among the people at the battlefront in the ban is Rick Cofer, the founder of the plastic bag ban movement in Austin.

Having worked with the county’s Solid Waste Advisory Commission, Rick understands the negative impacts of the plastic bags to Mother Nature better. He had previously urged the retailers to stop serving the customers with the single-use plastic bags. Retail traders are the main contributors as far as the spreading of these bags is concerned. The Travis County criminal defense lawyer understands the legal part of plastic bags usage. Besides, Rick Cofer Law understands all the hazards of the plastic usage to the environment because he is an Austin Parks and Recreation and the Pease Park Conservancy board member.

According to Rick Cofer, the Supreme Court’s ruling on overturning the ban against plastic bags usage in the summer of 2018 poured cold water on the fire lit on April 19, 2007. He noted that the ruling was against the wish of the majority of Austin residents that wanted the plastic bags out of the stores. The residents previously spoke through a survey conducted at the beginning of the summer of 2018 by The Austin Business Journal. Seventy-two percent of the interviewees supported the ban, and the remaining 22% wanted the use of plastic bags to continue.

Apart from supporting the plastic ban and his work on the bench, Rick Cofer takes part in various philanthropic activities including the KIND, knowledge, inclusion, nurture, and dedication Clinics. The organisation located in San Antonio and Austin supports the patients from all races by providing them with low cost or free treatment services. Rick Cofer is a board member of Texas Health Action and Kind Clinic with a primary objective of making the lives of Austin residents better.

Rick organised the Show Us Your Fantasy Ball that raised funds for the Kind organisation that took place in LINE Hotel, Austin on October 27, 2018. The event’s agenda was to show the community that Kind is about the inclusion and acceptance of sexual preferences. By extension, people should freely talk about sex making it easier to treat sexually related diseases that many people feel shy to address. The proceedings of the highly publicized event benefited the Kind Clinic organisation to support its services to the Austin community. To know more about Rick Cofer visit