Doe Deere On Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the leader of the famous Lime Crime beauty brand. She is an extrovert with a bold personality, as you can tell in her products and the way they are packaged. Since 2008, Doe Deere has been providing us with the most unique of beauty products being sold today.

The best part of Lime Crime, is that all of their products are completely vegan free and none of them are tested on animals. This reflects the beliefs in Doe Deere, that there should be no animal cruelty what so ever. Doe Deere loves animals, and does a lot of charity work on their behalf.

Lime Crime, as stated by Ms. Deere has had many bumps and curves throughout the companies journey, but this actually made them stronger and better. There is no company that has not had at least a few problems while building a name, and nobody is perfect, this is why you take what comes at you in strides and just try to be come better and learn from your mistakes.

Customers of the famous Lime Crime, can expect to see many shades of purple throughout 2018, and the most popular so far is the ultraviolet. Doe Deere’s advice for young ladies who want to start their own beauty businesses around the world is excellent. She basically wants young women to do what they like to do, if something feels and looks right to them, then they should explore it more. Each individual person has a unique taste, and acquired style, if young women focus on that and bring it out to the world, then they can make their dreams come true.

Doe Deere started, with making her own products, but now that the brand has become so popular and well known, she has a fantastic and trusted team. If the team does not like something, and if they feel like it won’t work for them, than they won’t make the product at all. This ensures the customer is getting true value and quality in all of the products they purchase.

The Lime Crime brand focuses mainly on unicorns, and this is because Doe Deere feels that being unique is what makes a person awesome. This is why a lot of the products are glittery and glamorous, the brand provides for customers to be different and love that they are different.

All of the make up palettes that are created, each come with a story and a main focus. The colors are not just thrown together, Doe Deere makes it a unique experience when using her products. Lime Crime’s packaging is a main part of what makes this product so great. The packaging alone set a huge trend all over social media.

Doe Deere is a bold, and very talented woman, it is no wonder why many people look up to her. Lime Crime has taken the nation by storm, and it just keeps getting better with its bright and statement setting looks and bold colors.


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