The Early Life and Career Journey of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has built himself an impressive profile as an entrepreneur and author from Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway and the former CEO of the Consumer Goods Distribution Company between 1993 and 2002. Dick DeVos ran for the Governor of Michigan in 2006 on a Republican ticket but lost to Jennifer Granholm who ran on a Democratic ticket. According to Forbes, his father ranked as the 67th wealthiest person in the U.S., with a net worth of around $5.1 billion. Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education in the United States.


Dick DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and went to the Forest Hills public school system. DeVos became involved in his family’s business way back in his childhood. Dick DeVos and his brother, Doug, would be assigned to welcome attendees during Amway’s annual conventions. They would also assist in ferrying guests to play waterski and tennis and clear plates during gatherings. That evolved into entertaining guests and even giving product demonstrations. Dick’s relentless efforts at Northwood University earned him a degree in Business Administration. He later enrolled in the Harvard University for Executive Study Programs. Dick DeVos has been honored with doctorates by Northwood University and Central Michigan University. Dick DeVos was recently recognized as a distinguished alumnus of Northwood University.


Dick DeVos’ career journey unfolded in 1974 holding various executive roles at Amway Corporation. In 1984, he worked his way up to become Amway’s vice president, responsible for overseeing operations in 18 countries. Under his belt, Amway scaled globally and tripled its foreign sales to exceed domestic sales for the first time in history. Overseas sales accounted for about 5% of overall sales when Dick DeVos joined Amway in 1986. By the time he left Amway six years later, foreign sales had grown to 50% of total sales.




Dick DeVos supports charitable initiatives through his philanthropic arm, Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation, a humanitarian organization that has donated millions of dollars to educational, civic, and religious organizations since 1990. Its grantees include Grand Rapids Christian Schools, Grove City College, ArtPrize Grand Rapids, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and the Education Freedom Fund. Dick DeVos spearheaded the development of the nation’s first aviation charter high school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2011. The idea of starting an aviation charter high school came up with Betsy DeVos.


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Boraie Development Dictates the Real Estate Market in New Jersey amid Crisis

Based on an article published on about the real estate crisis in the US, the market is experiencing a shift. The real estate industry is shifting its epicenter to New Jersey. According to Zillow, the State Theatre New Jersey enjoys the highest market shares and lower mortgage rates than any other state in the US. Inasmuch as the current results are not satisfactory, the future looks bright for the property market in New Jersey.

The affordability crisis is expected to change soon and this will see the industry accommodate more people. Real estate brands like Boraie Development have seen this possibility and they are taking measures to ensure that they stay relevant in the real estate market. To face the higher cost of owning a home and be able to provide flexible mortgage options, Boraie is talking to all the necessary stakeholders to ensure that the properties are affordable to buyers in the midst of the crisis. Check out Crunchbase to see more.

Their aim is to have a crisis-free real estate industry, and one that that avails the buyers with low mortgage credits. If things turn out as perceived by Boraie Development, the shift-focus is expected to bring great gains to the people of New Jersey. According to Boraie Development, the shift will benefit both the buyers and sellers in the real estate business.

About Boraie Development

Based on, the company has taken years to become the leading real estate brand in the region. With the headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Boraie has widened its market throughout New Jersey, and they are looking at further expansion in the future. They boast of a strong managerial team and impressive customer relationship. Presently, Boraie Development boasts of over 20 years of real estate service delivery in New Jersey.

Their strength lies in their ability to conduct business with some of the biggest and highly reputable financial institutions in New Jersey. They also enjoy qualified and competent contractors. Boraie Development is known to offer services such as property management, property development, and property sales to the New Jersey community. The members of the company are dedicated to offering exceptional property solutions to their customers.


Overall, Boraie Development is focused on employing its real estate vision and capitalism advantage to handle the real estate crisis in the US. They are setting the market strides and dictating the shift of the industry. Today, the company is proud to have made over $150 million in sales and they are optimistic of making more. Visit his website

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Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall provides ease in shopping.

Roberto Santiago he is a successful serial entrepreneur and well known for his venture in real estate. He has invested in various sectors of the economy in Brazil. He owns the two famous malls in Brazil which have been the heart of his success. His Manaira Shopping Mall is ranked as the most significant mall in the country. Roberto Santiago started with Mangabeira Shopping Mall before setting up his second mall.


Roberto has also invested in other sectors including real estate, entertainment, and the stock market. His famous Manaira Mall was opened in 1989 after taking two years to be constructed. The mall is sited in the densely populated and highly developed metropolitan city of Joao Pessoa. Manaira mall covers an extensive area of almost 135,000 square meters. Roberto Santiago success derives its roots from his vast experience in areas regarding infrastructure development.


Manaira Shopping Mall leaves many people talking about due to its excellent facilities. The mall has ample parking space that can accommodate more than 3,000 vehicles. The mall is always flooded with people and buzzed with activities. In most cases, there is no a single day you can find the mall without an entertainment activity. Many people visit the mall for entertainment and relaxation purposes. Many international and local brands have set up their stores in the shopping mall.


The mall has recreational areas regardless whether you are attracted to various products which are sold in different shopping stalls inside the mall. The mall has cinema hall fitted with 3D for watching movies. There are gaming areas and theater halls which harbors social gatherings, receptions, theatrical performances and indoor games. The gaming area is exclusive for children, and also adults enjoy the areas too.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall launched a special gourmet section in 2014 which had few dining restaurants. Capital Steak House has been leading in providing customers with the best dinning place in the city. There is an exclusive Domus Hall that hosts parties, conferences, events, concerts, exhibitions, among other events. The hall is believed to accommodate 8000 people seated at a go. It is one of the most equipped banquet halls in Brazil.


Roberto Santiago was born in Madrid in 1968. He studied Sound and Image in the School of Communication Sciences in Madrid. Santiago has been an author and a television writer for the marketing agencies. He has helped in the production of video clips and articles. He has earned reputation in his entrepreneurial venture. Roberto Santiago is committed to providing the best shopping zone and entertainment place. His two shopping malls have always contributed to the rise in the social and economic activities. He is notable in mentoring and encouraging young entrepreneurs through an entrepreneurial initiative.


The Inspirational Success Story of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and a Sr. VP at Legendary Investments. He attended Sidwell Friends School for his high school education and later joined Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A in speech communication. He is a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people who challenge you and push you to strive for growth in every aspect of life.

Todd Lubar learned the value of money from an early age while he was while working at a grocery store while in high school. The experience also taught him the ethics of hard work he has to this day. Todd strives to be in the know about all aspects of his business. He keeps himself hyper-organized to be able to be a productive entrepreneur. Business is for the disciplined at the end of the day.

Todd Lubar has always focused his career on helping others achieve their dreams. With 20 years of experience under his belt in the real estate industry, he set out to do just that. His expertise in the business world helped him become the successful businessman he is today. He worked with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995 to 1999. He then joined Legacy Financial Group. While there he helped their Maryland office grow to a production unit of 100 million dollars per year loan volume.

In 2005 Todd Lubar decided it was time to take another step forward and he took up a job with Charter funding as a Senior Vice President, a position he held up to his departure in August of 2007. At this time the mortgage industry had undergone some changes, and Todd saw this as the perfect time to focus on helping people buy homes. He focused his efforts on purchase money mortgage.

As all good businessmen do, Todd Lubar diversified his businesses. Although a career in mortgage banking was his passion, he also got involved in entertainment, construction, demolition, and recycling industry. Todd Lubar is a shining example of hard work and determination. He has accomplished all this by being a trustworthy individual who communicates well and openly about his business. View Todd Lubar’s full profile on Linked In.

Orange Coast College Improves Their Community With A New Recycling Center

The new recycling center for Orange Coast College opened in August after over a year of construction. The old center was used by 250 to 300 individuals which has now shown an increase of 25 percent. More individuals can recycle with benefits including the acceptance of more materials and additional service bays and parking. The new facility took ten years to plan with $1.5 million donated by ASOCC, $500,000 by CR&R, and $5 million by Measure M. The facility offers showers for workers at the end of their shifts and a nice break room. Since a lot of the workers are students they can shower before attending their classes.


The center is attracting more individuals with utility bill inserts and assorted advertising. The recyclable’s accepted include paper, plastic, and used grease. Many individuals receive between $20 and $40 when they bring in their recyclables. Plastic goes to Perris, glass to Los Angeles, and Aluminum cans to Irwindale. The expansion of the parking area from 8 spaces to 45 has made a big difference and the center has been busy. The construction brought excitement from the students who visited often. Additional classrooms were built for resources management and environmental studies at the same time as the recycling center.


Orange Coast College is well known for their excellence in both academia and sports. The campus was created close to the beaches in Southern California in 1947. Each semester sees the enrollment of approximately 25,000 students. The campus offers a wide variety of career programs and is at the height of modern technology. Their nautical and educational programs in technology are a big draw for numerous students with both programs continuing to expand and thrive. Learn more:


Orange Coast College has an excellent reputation for their students advancing to prestigious universities and private colleges throughout the state. The college is a member of the Coast Community College District and offer classes in the summer, winter, spring, and fall. They have received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools. The college has made many upgrades including the construction of new buildings for the benefit of their students and their community.

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Kim Dao Shopping in Ebisu and Shinjuku

Youtube vlogger kim Dao recently went out to lunch and did a little shopping in Ebisu and Shinjuku. Her experience was quite interesting. She forgot to have her morning coffee so Kim Dao was able to purchase a warm coffee in a bottle from a local vending machine. She met up with Chris and Sophie for lunch and found an adorably small hot sauce and decided to get noodles without bean sprouts in them for lunch. She shares her lunch with her boyfriend. They hung out at a friends house and played smash brothers and had some ice cream after making a large online purchase. After hanging out at their friends house, Kim and Sophie went shopping at the mall. Sophie wanted to get some new round shaped glasses. In Japan when you buy your glasses you get them done in about an hour with your set prescription. There is very little wait time to start wearing your new purchase. They stopped and did some shopping on their way to another eye glass store and found some adorable sailor moon mirrors and some eyeshadow quads. Kim Dao and her friend Sophie also had a fun time searching through all of the new anime items at the novelty shop. Learn more:

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Roberto Santiago’s Outstanding Accomplishment as an Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian business mogul who has gained wealth from venturing into different types of activities. Santiago lives in Joao Pessoa and has been passionate about being a successful businessman from when he was a young boy. The first enterprise that he founded was a Santa Rosa-based eatery. The business enabled him to get capital for establishing a cartonnage company. The firm used cardboards in creating different decorative products. Santiago has grown his business empire and is currently the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall.


Santiago has been a resident of the Joao Pessoa for most of his life. Born in 1958, the businessman schooled at the Pio X-Marist College. He also enrolled at the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue an undergraduate degree in business administration. His education has enabled him to understand several business aspects. Roberto was an outstanding sports person during his prime years. He participated in motocross and kart completion and won trophies for several championship races. The entrepreneur opened Manaira Shopping in 1989, and it has been the city’s leading shopping mall ever since. The building has top-notch fun and entertainment amenities that are appealing to shoppers from across Joao Pessoa.


Manaira Shopping has a broad range of the shopping stores that make it convenient to most clients. The mall also has excellent modern designs that provide customers with comfort, leisure, and fun. It houses a state-of-the-art movie theater that has outstanding 3D screens. The place also has an electronic amusement park that has different types of machines and a bowling area. Thousands of people visit Manaira Shopping every day enjoy its wide variety of entertainment facilities. The mall is based near a coastline, and this enables shoppers to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach and its cool breeze. People across the city visit the place to hang out with their families and friends. The building also houses different types of restaurants at its food court.


Manaira Shopping mall also boasts of the Domus Hall, which is spacious concert hall that was established on its rooftop in 2009. The facility has a holding capacity of approximately 10,000 people. Roberto’s businesses have been successful due to his focus on offering top-notch services to customers. Manaira Shopping has been in business for about three decades, but he renovates it to make sure that it is in its best state. In 2013, Santiago launched the Mangeira Shopping Mall. The shopping center has high-tech facilities, and it is loved by many shoppers. The economic and social status of Joao Pessoa has been improved by the presence of Roberto Santiago’s shopping malls. He is a mentor to businesspeople who are striving to attain success.


Karl Heideck Successful Legal Career

A litigator alludes to a trial lawyer that is associated with arranging debate that are introduced in court. Litigators have different specializations including individual damage, land, or contracts. Litigators can be utilized by various organizations including government offices, business foundations, or law offices. The legal advisors can likewise be engaged with the supervision of lawful collaborators or paralegals. Litigators as a rule have an including undertaking amid trials in courts.

To end up noticeably a litigator like Karl Heideck, there are illustrated proficient prerequisites that one ought to satisfy. Step one includes getting a Bachelor’s Degree for one to meet all requirements for an admission to a graduate school. The regular majors included incorporate English, financial aspects, history, or any subjected that is identified with the sort of law an understudy needs to consider. According to, there are likewise broad instruction prerequisites that furnish understudies with the aptitudes fundamental for achievement in graduate school. The general training necessities incorporate written work, research, and open talking.

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The subsequent stage in the wake of getting the Bachelor’s Degree includes sitting for the graduate school confirmation test. According to, all graduate schools that have affirmed by the American Bar Association are required to give their understudies the graduate school affirmation tests. Understudies are furnished with different examination assets to enable them in planning for the law to class affirmation test.

In the wake of finishing the graduate school confirmation tests, understudies at that point proceed to acquire the Juris Doctor Degree. The aggregate number of years understudies spend in the school of law is three years. They learn general legitimate subjects amid the principal year and afterward later practice into suit amid the most recent two years. Step four includes doing the Bar exam to be allowed to provide legal counsel in any condition of the United States. Finally, one will be expected to pick up a vocation experience to beat the opposition for full-time positions.

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Lori Senecal- The Secret to Success

She is known to be one of the most famous CEO of Crispin & Bogusky advertising agency. Lori has managed to conquer all the odds in the corporate scene which was formerly depicted as a man’s world. Her leadership skills started long ago when she was coaching her gymnastic team. Guiding the team, Ms. Senecal was able to learn how to communicate with people without judging them harshly which assisted her in the world of business. Being a coach in the team, she was a leader. Once you rule over people, you become a leader forever. Visit Crunchbase for more details.

According to Adage, her characters of being passionate and exemplary helped her in the business advertising world. She believes that in the advertising sector it is a win-win situation. For an advertising agency to make money, the clients must also have similar positive results in their sales. She recently spoke about these in 3% conference which aims at increasing the number of women in the executive corporate world. Every ad campaign Lori has set up has always exhibited success attracting large enterprises such as BMW and American Express. Her consistent efforts and motivational traits have made her earned a good reputation in the advertising sector. Check out Forbes to know more.

Furthermore, when she became the CEO of the Crispin & Bogusky advertising agency she transformed the company into a profitable enterprise. Her success is due to her compassion and zeal for excellence as well as her leadership qualities. She sped the process of setting up the ad campaigns. Her profile from McCann Erickson made the company to have hope in her where she transformed the company to be what it is today. Lori says sometimes she is forced to make callous decisions every single day. However, she is motivated by her parents and more so, her mentors.

One of the mentors who inspire her is Steve Jobs because of Apple. She loves technology progress since it plays a vital role in her advertising career. Lori Senecal studied at McGill University, and since then she has assisted large companies like Coca Cola, and Xbox to create effective advertising models. In addition, she has worked with McCann Erickson where she rose to the top office. To achieve this enormous success, Lori believes it is important for individuals to set the bar high for themselves and go out of their comfort zones striving to reach their targets. You can subscribe on her YouTube account.

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Healing and Caring Go Hand in Hand for NC’s Dr. Imran Haque:


Imran Haque may run Horizontal Internal Medicine in North Carolina, but he knows he is not the be all and end all of this practice. He believes in a team concept when it comes to the care and well being of his patients. To that end, Haque does more than simply hire the best in the business to staff his practice. He hires the best who also treat every patient with the utmost respect.

They strive to deliver the best patient oriented care possible, and to pay close attention to every detail in order to avoid any mistakes. This has gained Horizontal a reputation among its patients as a place where they feel safe and cared for. To ensure his patients get the best care, Imran Haque has invested in the latest state of the art equipment for his practice. Horizontal’s prices are also affordable to the people in the Ashboro and Ramseur areas.


Horizontal Internal Medicine offers a wide variety of services. Along with being able to diagnose many illnesses and diseases, like glaucoma and pneumonia, Imran Haque and his staff also perform 360 laser resurfacing to rejuvenate the skin. They are also experienced in the fields of weight management and the treatment of diabetes. Laser hair removal is another service offered by Horizontal Internal Medicine. Like most practices, they can also handle routine physical examinations.


Imran Haque has been practicing medicine for 15 years. He received his medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, then went on to study internal medicine at the University of Virginia. He also provides medical consulting services to hospitals throughout the state.