How Gino Pozzo Explains the Expectations of Being A Watford Fan

Gino Pozzo is a phenomenal individual who has earned an exceptional reputation due to the input he made in various football clubs. For instance, he helped most of them to improve their scores and thus to lead to the higher spots in their home countries. Currently, he owns Watford Football club whose home ground is in England.

His childhood

The entrepreneur was born in Italy where he developed his passion for football at an early age. Since his mother was a relative to the Udinese football club’s president, Gino Pozzo remained loyal to the football club. Thus, he earned a good reputation while working with the club.

His transition to the USA

While at only 18 years old, Gino Pozzo relocated to the United States of America where he did his master’s degree from the prestigious Harvard University. Later, the investor married a Catalan and moved to Spain. During the entire 20 years, he resided in Barcelona and then to London with his family so that he could focus on the daily operations in his investments.

The legacy of his family

The entrepreneur’s family is famous globally due to their overwhelming passion for music. Moreover, their involvement in the sport commenced when his father became part of the club’s ownership committee. In 1986, the business mogul purchased the club and used the profits from his family business to improve the activities at the club.

During the acquisition period, the Pozzo family was widely involved in the woodworking industry and later conducted an electrical appliances investment in Spain. Recently, the family performed financial mergers activity that enabled them to gain international recognition. Thus, it allowed the Udinese Club to improve its operations and performances due to good leadership. Due to good focusing of the club matters, the management is committed to enhancing excellent results at the club.

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