Will Volume Growth Continue Aiding Herbalife (HLF) in 2019?

 Herbalife Nutrition is a marketing cooperation that deals globally. The company was founded back in 1980 by Mark Hughes. The company aims to develop and introduce such supplements in the markets that would help to manage weight.

Herbalife is selling more than 68.7% of products in the market annually. The company is extremely famous for their weight management programs and dietary items. They are able to make their own reputation globally. However, there is some negative influence on their currency as well.

The chart of the growth of the company shows how the company has been able to stand out. The company faced a steady growth. It’s noted that in the later third part, the volume points seems to be increased to almost 15% which means almost 1,506.9 million. This incline is the second highest which is scored by the company in the same year.

The company has boasted their portfolio to the next level by including certain items. They have introduced a relatively different concept of nutrition, management of weight, providing targeted nutrition, sports and other products that are required for fitness and health. The company has been able to make a good reputation that shows that their old customers are satisfied and it draws the attention of newbies as well. The company has been successful at introducing 58 different products in 51 different states.


The company is based on the satisfaction level of its customers, and that’sof the main reasons why Herbalife has been able to grow worldwide. The company sells their products directly to different distributors, consultants and the sale representatives who are able to provide their products to different customers.

The company has earned a renowned status because of their strategy of direct sales. There are three main advantages which such direct sales provide to the company. Herbalife is a brand that has been working from past 40 years. They have been selling their products directly to the people and distributors. This strategy helps to develop a recognized name of the company. The company has direct linkages with the distributors and direct sellers from all around the world that has helped to develop healthy long term relationships. The company has a very lineate policy towards their workers. The company provides flexibility in this regard. The individual working sets the timings of the work. It’s dependent on them that how they want to work whether as a part-time job or as a full-fledged work. The company has healthy personal relationships with the distributors and their customers directly which helped them grow.

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