Vijay Eswaran Journey to Becoming a Prominent Entrepreneur

Born in 1960 in Penang, Vijay Eswaran is one of the founding partners of QI Group of Companies. He holds the position of the Executive Chairman of the company. He is a disruptive entrepreneur, an author, philanthropists, and an international business speaker. He is a holder of a degree in Economics, which he funded by working various part-time jobs. Apart from his role in QI Groups, he also serves at Quest International University as the chairman of the university council.

Vijay Eswaran latest publication is Two Minutes From Abyss which was released in 2016. He has received various honors and awards such as the Malaysian Business Awards, the International Leader in Global Business Strategies, to mention few. Because of his passion for engaging in philanthropy, he founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation and RHYTHM Foundation that are engaged in numerous projects that support education, youth development and women empowerment in various parts of the world. His was recognized as Hero of Philanthropy in 2011 by Forbes Asia

When Vijay Eswaran first began his journey in entrepreneurship, he faced many challenges because he had insufficient funds and had no connections whatsoever. Further, the economy of Asia at this time was in crisis and he had doubts of succeeding under such circumstances. Later, the met people who were willing to partner and overcome the challenges to build a thriving business. Even to this day, the challenges are still there but he has developed a positive outlook on them because they signify that he is making progress.

He is excited about the new trend of disruption and was able to create QI Group out of it. Together with other founders, they believed that they could grow it into an international business and since then, they have taken network marketing to great levels. Vijay Eswaran believes that his past experiences as a cab driver, security, and others, were a learning phase that helped him to become a successful entrepreneur

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