Neurocore: Is there a connection between mental health conditions and lack of sleep?

Having adequate sleep plays a vital role in boosting one’s mental and physical growth. However, many people are sleep deprived as they sleep for a few hours. The trend exposes them to the risk of contracting mental and physical conditions. Some of the health risks include depression, cancer, heart complications, obesity, and other health conditions. Additionally, victims of sleep disorders may find it difficult to learn or retain new skills. Conditions such as bipolar, depression and anxiety have been found to be connected with sleep disorders. It implies that sleep deprivation may either cause or contribute to the mental conditions. Below are some of the common sleep disorders, their symptoms, and effects. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

These injuries to the brain can cause problems with concentration, memory, and performance. This is why Neurocore uses neuroscience to help train the brain to function with these injuries and retrain the brain. Studies have found that players who have had a concussion are more likely to be diagnosed with depression as well, a problem that the methods of Neurocore are often used to treat.

Sleep Apnea

The sleep disorder can be defined as being either the complete or partial blockage of the airways while one is asleep. Although the victims may not notice the condition, it has symptoms such as loud snoring, morning headaches, and being sleepy during the day. However, it can be solved by the use of CPAP machines that keeps the throat open.


The condition may lead either to the lack of sleep or oversleeping. It is caused by the reduction in the brain cells that produce hypocretin. The chemical regulates wakefulness. Victim register symptom such as sleep attacks, hallucinations, loss of muscle control and disrupted nighttime sleep. In extreme cases, the victims may register sleep paralysis. Patients can registrar an improved quality of life by seeking professional medical services. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


It is regarded as being the most common type of sleep disorders and refers to the chronic lack of sleep. It is caused by factors such as anxiety, depression, drug abuse, medications, and stresses. It is estimated that more than 1/3 of American experience the condition. It can be addressed by behavioral therapy and seeking medical services.


The complications associated with sleep disorders are high with more than 16 billion dollars being spent on offering medical services. It is thus advisable to ensure that one has enough sleep as it may contribute to improving both physical and mental wellbeing. It may also reduce the risk factor to conditions such as cancer and heart complications.


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