Jeunesse Global: Products for All Sorts of Customers

Concerns about health do drive people to make purchasing decisions. Someone who wants to cut saturated fat out of a diet won’t make too many trips to the local fast food restaurant. A person wishing to supplement nutrients does look for capsules displaying promise. Jeunesse Global caters to customers such as the latter and more. The company’s BBB food supplement may prove quite appealing. BBB’s ingredients include Garcinia powder, L-carnitine, and L-tartrate. The weight conscious won’t ignore those three ingredients.

BBB represents one of many diverse products sold under the Jeunesse name. Another impressive weight management option is ZEN Project 8. Actually, ZEN Project 8 comprises three products that come together to support different health goals. Wealth loss and muscle building reflect two goals. One component, Zen Fit, comes packed with amino acids intended to aid muscle recovery.

The array of products sold by Jeunesse Global won’t leave many customers at a loss over what to purchase. The company produced enough products to fit a multitude of nutritional and fitness goals. Customers likely will opt to buy many different ones depending on their fitness requirements.

Anyone seeking a carbohydrate boost could look closely at Vidacell packets. Procuring carbs and other nutrients from rice won’t necessarily involve cooking a couple of cups on a stove. In a Vidacell packet, a mix of brown rice, jasmine rice, and a unique Japanese powder form a trifecta that battles the aging process on a cellular level.

Not all products sold by Jeunesse come in capsule form or are nutritional supplements. The company also offers beauty products, too. Check out Beauty with Benefits, a nice collection of formulated topicals designed brings out the skin. The finished look comes off as airbrushed, which enhances appearances quite a bit.

Jeunesse strives to deliver a wide range of products. Consumers interested in health and beauty should check out the company’s product inventory. The vast nature of the inventory may prove surprising.

Alex Pall Aim to Change Music

Alex Pall is a member of “The Chainsmokers” duo. The Chainsmokers is a music group that explores many different forms of music in order to relate to their listeners. The group is made up of Alex Pall and his partner Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers has been around for a while. Alex Pall is an original member of the group. He was in the group with another individual but after he decided to leave he met Taggart who joined in with him.

Before Alex Pall started making music in his group, he was a DJ. DJing was a side job that Alex Pall did to have some extra income. He had no plan on actually turning DJing into a career. Pall was able to get gigs around New York City at parties. He loved his side job, but the idea of doing something that he viewed as fun for an actual source of income did not seem right to him. He soon realized that he loved music and it was a great choice to pursue a career.

Alex Pall made the decision to quit his job in order to pursue music. Pall and Taggart eventually met through his manager. They both had come to a point in their lives where they realized that music was seemingly the only thing that they loved enough to pursue a career in. When they met, they automatically clicked. They began working together on music because they understood each other.

Alex Pall has made sure to create music that is nothing like what is currently being put out. Many artists are not involved in the process of writing their music. Artist typically has someone else write, and they sing what is written. Alex Pall has made it his goal to write his music to make sure that it is relatable to the people that are listening. When people are able to relate to what is being said they are better able to understand the heart and mind of the person that wrote the song. Alex Pall desires to change the way that people see music overall.

Boraie Development’s role in the Growth of Newark.

Shaquille O’Neal is a former basketball player. He gained a lot of popularity during the years that he was active in the game. He remembers of how he grew up in Newark in the 1970’s. Unlike many of his age-mates who spent a lot of time on the streets, his parents made sure that he spent his free time in the movie theaters or the local clubs. According to him, he was happy to stay in such places for about two to three hours. He has attracted the attention of many international media outlets mainly to talk about his success during his basketball career.

Newark has become one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. There are numerous infrastructural projects under construction in the area. One of the most notable transformational structures is an old theater that has been turned into a modern facility known as CityPlex12. The project cost about $7 million. It was completed six years ago and was successful due to the partnership between Mr. O’Neal and a developer in the area called Boraie Development. There are many other projects in different stages of construction sponsored by the partnership. Other cities in New Jersey are also expected to benefit from the infrastructural projects.  To see more you can checkout


According to Mr. O’Neal, some of the projects are meant for commercial while others for residential use. The joint venture has gained nationwide recognition due to the impact it has made in the state. Mr. O’Neal’s role in the ventures is providing funds in the form of loans while the Boraie Development will contribute through its extensive political networks and experience in infrastructural projects over the years. During an interview, Mr. O’Neal disclosed that they were focusing on New Jersey’s urban downtowns. According to the basketball star, they would not be everywhere. The team would come up with modern structures that have a positive impact on the lives of the residents.

One of the latest buildings sponsored by the partnership is a rental complex that cost $60 million. It is one of a kind project in Newark in the last 50 years. Mr. O’Neal was to be one of the speakers at the opening ceremony. Other dignitaries that were expected to grace the occasion include the local mayor, Cory Booker and Senator Robert Menendez. According to Boraie Development, the structure has 238 residential units and is located near the Brunswick Train Station. The residents will also have ample parking space and enjoy easy access to the lobby through the elevators. The team also plans to construct a housing tower, a modern movie theater, and a retail complex.  For more details you can visit