Jeff Herman Resource Center Notes Actor Corey Feldman to Support Child Victims Act

An American trial lawyer, Jeff Herman has dedicated his career to aggressively representing victims of sexual abuse, especially children. Herman has been closely following the Child Victims Act (S.809) as it has worked its way through the New York State Assembly. Now, the Act has gained some powerful allies. Actor and activist Corey Feldman, as well as volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard from Team USA, have added their endorsements to the bill.

Jeff Herman has steadfastly exposed sexual abuse, as well as the institutions that often try to protect or hide such acts. He gained national prominence for his work in exposing the abuse prevalent in the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and Denver. His work garnered a landmark $100 million verdict against a specific individual priest, among other successful trials. Though based in the Florida town of Boca Raton, Herman’s firm, Herman Law, represents clients throughout the United States and tracks and provides news about legislative breakthroughs regarding sexual abuse.

Herman has regularly spoken out about pedophiles, and even coined the phrase “pedophile speak,” referring to how they justify their actions. He pioneered a unique forensic child interview technique, and has helped to train others in its use. Jeff Herman has been received as a expert in the media, appearing in both print and television. With such a history, it is no wonder that Herman and his law office have been supporters of the Child Victims Act. The bill’s main effect would be to eliminate the criminal and civil statute of limitations in the state of New York, currently capped at five years for a criminal case, and just one year for a civil case against an individual. The Child Victims Act would eliminate these statutes, as well as open a one year window for cases to be brought that may be up to 50 years old. A recent Quinnipiac Poll released by New York Democrats notes a greater than 90 percent approval for the bill, which has also been marked as a priority by Governor Cuomo for this year.

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