AIA CEO Robert Ivy’s Role In The Architecture World

Ever since 2011, the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been Robert Ivy. Even before he joined forces with the AIA, however, Robert Ivy had already made a name for himself in the architecture world through his previous work. The publishing industry actually honored a magazine called Architectural Record, of which Robert Ivy was the Editor-in-Chief. In addition to this, Mr. Ivy also had an important role at McGraw-Hill Construction, where he had the responsibilities of Vice President, as well as Editorial Director.

The American Institute of Architects, which has been operating under Robert Ivy’s leadership for most of the past decade, has more than 250 chapters across country, and its strong membership of 90,000 architects and design professionals are all committed to bettering the built environment. This organization is headquartered in Washington.

A large theme throughout his leadership at the AIA has been to use the influential power of the organization to make a difference within the field of modern architecture. Ivy is a strong advocate of raising the general public’s awareness of the relevance and tremendous value that architects and design professionals bring to society. Besides this, Mr. Ivy has also put in a lot or work in the areas of both public outreach and initiatives for education.

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An important topic within the architecture and design industry at the moment is how to prepare the current generation of architects to properly tackle the wide array of 21st century obstacles that architects did not have to consider decades ago. Climate change, public health and sustainability are the most prominent examples of these issues.

Recently, Robert Ivy received Alpha Rho Chi’s Master Architect designation, an incredibly prestigious honor that has never before been bestowed upon a 21st century architect. Only seven other people in history have ever received the Master Architect designation. Among these are I.M. Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller and Miles van der Rohe.

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