Securus Technologies: Developing Better Security Systems

Securus Technologies has been one of the most successful telecommunications companies in North America. The company has been providing the communication needs of more than 3,000 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They are also known for developing or improving existing technologies and installing it to correctional facilities which have forged partnership deals with them. One of their most successful developments was the enhanced video calling technology which allows prisoners to contact their loved ones through the use of video calling technology, which is described as one of the fastest on the planet. They also offer voice calls through devices which are manufactured by Securus Technologies, and jail officers constantly monitor these devices through its built-in voice recording device. Securus Technologies is also developing some software for the jail officers, and they are effective in curbing crimes and violence inside the correctional facility. Securus Technologies has been spending more than $600 million each year to protect their inventions and patents, and the amount that they are paying for the protection of their products is worth it because no one has ever tried to copy their devices.


This year, Securus Technologies introduced the wireless containment systems, which will be used by the jail officers to prevent the use of contraband cell phones inside the prison. Contraband cell phones have been a constant headache for jail officers, and they stated that even if they confiscated it multiple times, new contraband phones would make its way inside the prison cells. The problem with contraband cell phones seems not to end, and Securus Technologies decided to up their game by creating a powerful device which works just like a regular cell phone jammer, but with more capabilities. For instance, calls which will be made from outside the prison would not be able to get through the contraband cell phone. Texts and emails would not get through as well. On the other hand, contraband cell phones would not be able to make calls, texts, and emails while the wireless containment system is in effect. Even if the prisoners smuggled thousands of contraband cell phones inside the correctional facility, these devices would end up being useless.



Securus Technologies thanked Robert Johnson for his idea of creating a wireless containment system inside the correctional facility. Robert Johnson was a former jail officer for a North Carolina prison, but after he was attacked by two armed men who forced their way inside his house, he decided to quit being a jail officer for security reasons. He then decided to work as a consultant for Securus Technologies and relayed his grim experience with prisoners who have used their contraband cell phones to instruct his failed murder.



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